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For cargo transport

Toll Collection System «Platon»

Introduced in 2015, the toll collection system “Platon” is designed to offset the damage caused to the Russian federal road network by vehicles exceeding 12 tons which is a maximum allowed weight. All owners such transport have to pay a charge per kilometer when travelling along Russian federal roads.

Prior to the start of the journey all vehicle owners are required to register respective vehicles in Platon Electronic Toll Collection system ( http://platon.ru/en/new-user), install and activate an On-Board Unit for travel data collection and buy a Toll Ticket adding sufficient funds to their account to cover the toll charge for the planned length of the trip.

Payment can be made at any customer service office, on website (see Customer Portal) or via mobile application, as well as in one of Platon Toll Collection terminals. To pay in cash you can use a network of QIWI terminals.

For more detailed information visit the website www.platon.ru or call +7 (495) 540 0202, 8 (800) 550 02 02

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