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General information

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) is a federal executive authority, which provides public services and administers the state vehicles and roads facilities, including registry of motor roads, and provides state services related to transport safety in this area.

Federal Road Agency is an authorized competent body in the area of roads and road facilities, which executes the obligations arising from the international treaties signed by the Russian Federation, in its capacity if public services provider and public property administration.

Rosavtodor’s area of responsibility covers the functions of the public commissioner of federal goal, research-and-engineering and innovation programs and projects in the relevant lines of work, including the “Motor Roads” subprogram as part of the “Development of Transport System of the Russian Federation (2010-2020)” federal target program.

Rosavtodor administers the federal motor roads both directly and via the system of Federal Government Agencies (FGA) that provide operations management of the federal intercity roads and their engineering structures assigned to FGA, as well as support safe and smooth travel of vehicles on the federal intercity roads.

The length of the federal intercity roads is 53,023.522 km, with 50,133.822 km assigned to the Federal Road Agency, and the remaining 2,889.7 km – to “Avtodor” State Company. The FRA also manages 5,938 bridges and road interchanges, 46 car tunnels, 286 crosswalks at different levels.

2017 saw overcoming the decline in construction and re-construction of federal motor roads after the unstable economic period in the previous years. The total length of commissioned highways after the construction and re-construction was 230.7 km, an eight percent increase compared to 2016.

According to the results of the road inspection and repair season of 2017, more than 39 kilometers or 77.96% of federal highways were maintained in the proper condition. In order to achieve this, 8.9 km of motor roads have been repaired during the year, including about 35,000 linear meters of engineering structures.

The amount of funding for the road industry in 2017 was 564,600,000,000 rubles, 251 billion of which was used for road maintenance work and 112.3 billion was used for the construction and re-construction of federal highways (not taking into account construction of the Crimean Bridge).

The major part of the construction and maintenance works were conducted at the sites in the Central and West-Siberian Federal Districts; special attention was paid to the major transport arteries of Siberia and the Far East.

One of the principal priorities for the Federal Road Agency in 2017 was conducting activities aimed at increasing traffic safety. Rosavtodor invested about 1,600,000,000 into this project. 78 sections of federal highways were integrally developed. Over 387 km of electric lines and 20 pedestrian crossings at different levels were constructed. In order to increase the pedestrian safety, about 49,000 metal barriers and 166 sets of coordinated traffic lights were installed, and 390 ground-level pedestrian crossings were equipped. Despite the increase in the traffic volume, the total number of traffic accidents on the federal road network has decreased by 1.2% in 2017. Since 2013, the decrease in traffic accidents has reached 12%.

Rosavtodor’s activities are regulated by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, orders and regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation, international treaties signed by the Russian Federation, orders and regulations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

The Head of the Federal Road Agency is appointed to this role and dismissed by the Government of the Russian Federation as advised by the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Federal Road Agency does not have any subordinate governmental authorities, or any local authorities, or representations abroad.

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