Rosavtodor in Russian transport system

Federal Road Agency Rosavtodor is an executive authority that provides public services, manages state road and transport facilities, conducts monitoring of federal roads and works out sustainable policies and road safety measures.

Federal Road Agency is an authoritative body in the sphere of motor transport and road infrastructure which fulfils liabilities arising from international agreements signed by the Russian Federation. The agency also exercises the functions of state commissioner of federal target program, scientific, engineering and innovation programs and other projects relevant to the “Development of Transport Infrastructure in 2010-2020” federal target program.

Administration of federal highways is carried out by Rosavtodor both directly and via local agencies (Federal Government Agencies) responsible for management of federal roads and engineering structures assigned to those agencies together with maintenance of steady and safe traffic on public highways.

Statutory authority

Carrying out its functions Rosavtodor acts in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, orders and regulations of the Government, international agreements signed by the Russian Federation, orders and regulations of the Ministry of Transport.

The Head of Federal Road Agency is appointed and dismissed by the Government upon recommendation of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation. Federal Road Agency does not have any subordinate government authorities or local authorities or offices abroad.